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ATAQ Personal Check, Athlete Withdrawal & Late Fee Policy

ATAQ accepts personal checks as remittance for an athlete's monthly training fees, meet fees, registration, equipment, spirit wear. There are specific instructions for use of personal checks as well as restrictions on their use. Please read the following:

Personal Checks

  • Make checks payable to: "Advanced Technical Aquatics, LLC"

  • We do not accept post dated checks. Checks must be dated for immediate deposit.


In the event of a "bounced" check the penalty is as follows:

  • $50 return fee

  • Prohibition on use of personal checks for the offender for 90 days followed by a 90 day probationary period. During this period only cash will be accepted as payment for training and team activities

  • Additional offenses will result in athlete(s) being suspended from training and team activities. 

  • In the event that past due balance is not satisfied in a timely manner legal action may be taken in addition to permanent dismissal of athlete from the team.

Athlete Withdrawal

If you plan to withdraw from ATAQ training, a 30 day written notice is required. In the event of an emergency, inform us as soon as possible that you are suspending training. Please direct all notices to us via email to If you withdraw without notice an reactivation fee equal to one month's training fees will be assessed and have to be remitted before athlete can resume training.

Late Fees

All monthly training fees are due by or before the 25th calendar day of each month. In the event the 25th falls on a non-training day remittance should be made the training day prior to the 25th A reminder will be sent each month in the "Updates" email.  We understand that "life happens" and sometimes emergencies come up regarding budgets and finances. If you find yourself in circumstances that prevent you from remitting training fees in a timely manner, please inform us as soon as possible. Remember, our sustained growth, development and success depend on training fees being remitted on time. 

Late fee assessment: $35 after the 3rd day of the coming month.

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