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The SwimManiac Competitive Swimming Supplemental Training Program is designed for competitive swimmers seeking qualifying times for State, Sectionals, Jr. Nationals, Nationals, D1-3 times or better. We focus on and teach the fine details of competitive swimming. This includes starts, turns, finishes, specific stroke knowledge of all four competitive strokes, and race strategies. SwimManiac is not a swim club nor do we recruit athletes training in our program. Our 2022-2023 training class achieved many accolades with 80% of the trainees achieving a minimum Georgia Swimming State Qualifying time or added additional qualifying cuts in one or more events within the first two training cycles. On average, every athlete improved their year on year personal best times by 10 seconds or better. Below are details to explain our current program.

Current Training Days & Times:

Sundays 1pm to 3pm 

Current Training Location:

West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center

4488 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Berkeley Lake, GA 30071

Current Fees:

Program Registration Fee: $250* (A new registration application is required at the renewal of each year's training cycles, which resets at the start of TC1. At the time of the yearly renewal, a program registration fee will be assessed for returning and new athletes training with SwimManiac.)

The training fee for each training cycle is $750* pre-paid for 90 days or 3 month training cycle training cycle. 

*Training and registration fees are non-refundable and training commitments must be completed or fees will be forfeited. An invoice will be submitted to you prior to the start of the training cycle with remittance instructions and is to be remitted. 


Additional Fees:

Pool entry is not included in training fees. Pool entry fees are $5.50 per visit.

Training Cycles for 2023-2024:

Training cycles are 10-13 weeks in length. Click the link below to view upcoming training cycles and dates for 2022-2023. (Training cycles may include holidays, pool closing, and bi-weeks. Acts-of-God, illness, and environmental events may cause training disruptions. If at all possible, in such events, we will attempt to reschedule training to cover missed days.)

Click here to Link to Upcoming Training Cycles & Dates

Training Group Size and Coach to Athlete Ratio:

Group size is scheduled for 12 athletes per coach. (There maybe times when only one coach is available and group size to coach ratio may change.)

Training Equipment List:

Swimmers Snorkel (TYR Snorkel recommended)

Short Blade Fins (TYR EB Burners recommended) (Alternative)

Tempo Trainer (Finis Tempo Trainer Pro recommended)

Resistance Belt (TYR Resistance Trainer)

2 and 5 Gallon Paint Buckets

Expectations & Success

The success of any supplemental training program is based on the athlete's desire to achieve his/her specific goals. Training groups are kept small so that we can focus on each athlete and their needs. Our expectation is that the athlete will take full advantage of this unique environment that we have created for training and development to reach the goals that he/she has set.

Our Guarantee

The SwimManiac Competitive Supplemental Training Program offers the following guarantee: "We guarantee that we will apply every effort into making certain that each athlete receives the information and instruction that he/she needs to achieve his/her goals. In addition, we guarantee 3-10 second time improvement in an athlete's swims within the first 90 days of receiving and applying our instruction, or the next training cycle is on us".


Begin registration by clicking here: Registration

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for choosing SwimManaic.

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